Carpe Diem Fall 2019

Christmas Message: Grand Master
Colonel David Appleby, GCTJ

Your Beatitude, Eminence, Grace, Rev. Clergy, Highnesses, Lord & Ladies, Knights and Dames,

I extend a Merry Christmas message to you during the Christmas observance period for our Western Church members and the approaching Christmas period for our Eastern Church members. And to all of our membership, a warm and sincere Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year!

We can reflect on a successful 2019, with our continued assistance and support of Christians, as well as others of faith, who find themselves in the midst of the terrible challenges of life. And, through our United Nations activites, and our international conferences, we have continued our efforts to build bridges of understanding and peace between all those of faith. We can and will continue, and increase, our focus on these critical needs during 2020.

For all that we have, for all that we are, and for all we can be, we must be thankful, during this season, and through out the year.

David N. Appleby GCTJ GMTJ
Grand Master, OSMTH
Non Nobis, Domine, Non Nobis, Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam

Fall 2019
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Christmas Message:Grand Master

Christmas Message:Grand Commander

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